Today’s Gold Rush –The CBD Opportunity

This pile of gold is not very practical perhaps... but CBD liquid gold is!

The CBD Opportunity – Today’s Gold Rush —I want to share with you why I think that CTFO, an acronym for Changing The Future Outcome, is a golden opportunity and why I believe that CBD is the next gold rush.

Long after bitcoin is replaced by some other crypto currency, or is commonplace among many, CBD will continue to grow in popularity.

It is Liquid Gold!

But before I share with you why I feel this way, I would like you to listen to my friend Simon Sinek. This is a TedTalk that he did that has transformed the way I look at business and much of life. There are two parts of his talk that will be relevant to this post; starting with ‘Why’ and The Law of Diffusion of Innovation, what I call the consumer acceptance curve.

If you are part of the 39 million people that have already viewed Simon’s talk then you could just skip over it. But I have gleaned from it each time I see it. I highly recommend taking the time to view it again.

Not An Affiliate Business Opportunity

Slowly growing wealth; plant, water, expect an increase.

There are thousands of companies, from newer companies like AirBnB to companies that have been around for a long, long time like Walmart and Home Depot that are allowing online marketers to get in on a piece of their profits. The most well-known perhaps is Amazon but they are now one among thousands. Affiliate programs offer commissions from as little as 5% to as much as 50% of the sales price, and some membership affiliate groups, like Wealthy Affiliate, pay 50% of the monthly membership fees each month. That can certainly add up quickly!

Now CTFO is not an affiliate program (it is Direct Sales also known as Multi-Level Marketing) but the marketing plan is very much like an affiliate program with a much more attractive compensation plan. CTFO pays 20% commission and further commission at multiple levels. And the entry is absolutely FREE. Apart from membership affiliate programs I do not know of a better opportunity.

Why is this relevant?

First, every new CTFO associate gets their own business website! Free!! Take a look at mine. Yours would be identical only personalized to you.

There you will find in the menu answers to many questions you may have.

This threesome with their heads down toward their phones is not an uncommon sight.

The marketing plan is to use the power of the internet, social media, and search engine optimization to grow the business. It is not about knocking on all your neighbor’s doors to see who will bite. It is a new era of marketing that is just taking off.

Second, it is important to me because I gave up on MLM a long time ago. I did not want to be bugging all of my family, friends, and neighbors to get them to jump on the newest band-wagon. By using the internet you do not have to. I pledge my unfailing help to show you how to get it done without needing to talk the business with anyone who does not first show an interest.

While I am on the subject of friends and neighbors, If you’re a friend watching this please know I will not spam your inbox to share this. If you have any interest at all then give me a shout or respond to this post. I am more than willing to talk about it but I have chosen to use indirect social media posts and search engines to do the work for me, so you’ll have to let me know. Your friendship is more important to me than growing my business. Honestly. And there is so much business out there I do not have to go tackling everyone I see.

The CBD Opportunity is Liquid Gold

There is a CBD buzz (pun intended) all over the internet and with the newest legislation making hemp based products legal in all fifty states we are on a tipping point from the early adopters of CBD as a health product to the early majority getting involved.

We are about to cash in on Liquid Gold when it finally tips.

Case in point is my direct sponsor in CTFO. He is now making weekly commissions and is working on a three-year plan to replace his full time income. This is no pipe dream, he has only been with the company for six months and is seeing amazing results with a team that consists of over 2400 Team Members. Spanning over 25 States, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, and Scotland. He, much like me, had given up on MLM but saw the power of what CTFO is offering. Still, even with his amazing results he waited several years from hearing about CTFO to get aboard.

The people he learned about CTFO from, some of the innovators and way early adopters, are producing gross monthly sales in excess of One Million Dollars. But get this, the team began only three years ago. There is still incredible ripe opportunity here!

In my first week, without spending a dime, I had three enrolled and my first sale making a whopping $5.80.

My first personal website post, a testimony about relief from migraines had 5 shares and over 180 clicks in the first 14 hours. My newest enroll and first of many sales came from that one post. This gives you an idea of how much interest there is in CBD. And how ripe this opportunity is.

Let me say again, with CBD getting exposure in the news and all over the internet, and with it becoming legal in all fifty states, we are on a cusp of an explosion that will make many wealthy. Many say they do not want that, or at least do not want to buy-into all so much hype again, (as most of us have at one time or another). The CBD Opportunity is real!

Many just want to supplement their income, provide a second income, or be able to work from home.

A Work At Home Opportunity

laptop working

Who doesn’t want to work from home, be their own boss, and choose when to work and how long? CTFO is truly “a work at home opportunity.” I already explained the business model to use the internet and your website to promote the business. I have already pledged my unfailing assistance.

So here is the thing. You do not have to talk the business with anyone. When someone expresses an interest online then you can share this opportunity.

But you will have access to the very best CBD products on the planet. You will have something to offer your friends and family who are carrying a load because of various conditions.

There is not much that CBD doesn’t help. We will be covering all of it from A to Z in the months ahead. We will look at CBD and acne, anxiety, autism, blood pressure and bipolar disorder, cancer, depression. diabetes, diverticulitis, epilepsy, eczema, fertility, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, headachess, IBS and inflammation, joint pain and just pain in general, and much, much more. As I said, there is not much that CBD doesn’t help. The body heals itself. All we have to do is give it more of the right stuff to enable it to do it’s thing.

With a 100% money back guarantee, GMO and pesticide free, cruelty-free, and much more…

Made in the usa, GMP, Organically grown, No THC, Peta cruelty free

CTFO is an incredible work at home opportunity that anyone can do.

The best part: You get to help people get well and make a healthy living doing it!

This Is The BEST Home Based Business Opportunity

Slowly growing wealth; plant, water, expect an increase.

So why do I think that CTFO is the BEST home based business opportunity for the foreseeable future? Well for all the reasons I mentioned. With consumers getting more and more comfortable buying online, with people looking for a healthier solutions than a prescribed pile of pills. With the perfect combination of online marketing and the income potential of MLM without the hype. With dozens of associates willing to help you and provide the tools. This is a no fail opportunity(IMO) to anyone willing to give it an honest go.

If I knew that bitcoin was going to explode I would have invested something. Here we have an opportunity that is about to explode and there is no risk. It is FREE. There is no purchase requirement. No entry fees. No catches. FREE.


I want to work with people who believe the way I do about CBD and internet marketing. I am not looking for people who know how to get it done, I am willing to help with that, I am simply looking for people who believe this is the CBD opportunity of a lifetime. If that is you then please join me using the link in the image below. If someone else with CTFO shared this post with you then you’ll want to get with them for their personal link and sign up form. It will look identical to mine if you have clicked through and seen it.

ctfo logo associate

CBD Oil - Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Who would have guessed that the essential oil from the close cousin of an outlawed plant would be in such high demand for it’s health and medicinal value? To be honest there are many who have known it’s value for quite some time. Say about three thousand years.

But the recent buzz in the news about CBD and it’s incredible healing properties makes many identify CBD as the world’s next gold rush. CBD is Liquid Gold. And CTFO is a Golden Opportunity! Let’s get started on the journey of a lifetime.

Thank you, friend, for taking the time to read this. Let me know if I can answer anything for you. If there is anything holding you back then drop me a line. You can message me easily using the form below.

Kind regards always, remember: Life is Short… Live it Well.

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