Struggling to Make Money Online?

Are you dreaming about making money online? Do you spend more time buying other people’s products, trying to learn their methods, and then fail to implement them? Only to buy the next flashy new product and try to learn their methods? Soon, before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars, and have a HUGE library of internet marketing products, just sitting there in your computer collecting dust. Well, guess what! You and about several million others have the same problem. It’s called “Shiny Object Syndrome” and we all suffer from it.

We subscribe to top marketers’ emails to see how they are doing their marketing, their copywriting, and learn by watching them on social media and their web promos. But before you know it, our fingers just clicked to buy their offer and once again, we just added a new product to our library, and will probably never apply to our online business. Don’t worry, I have a solution.

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You don’t have to unsubscribe to their marketing emails so you don’t see them as they pop into your inbox. You don’t have to unfriend, or unfollow them on social media. You don’t have to stop watching their Youtube videos so you aren’t tempted to click the link in their video description. You don’t have to do any of those things. I know, because I did all of that. I literally unsubscribed from their emails, unfriended on social media, and stopped watching their videos. I was addicted to new marketing products and those top affiliate marketers loved to send me more emails.

Well, some how I got back on some of their lists because I bought something from them. But I realized my problem wasn’t buying their products, or watching their videos, it was me. It was my problem because I couldn’t seem to help myself. So what did I do? I made a rule in Outlook to send all their emails to a special folder so they didn’t show up in my Inbox. Then I would look at them later, after the promo was over and closed. So I couldn’t buy it, but I could still see their ad copy, their website, their strategies, and observe the process. With social media, I still saw their teasers and ads, but I made a commitment to not buy anything until I made my first sale. That was my commitment and it’s not easy, because there will always be bright new shiny objects dangling in front of my nose, but like anything, when I make a decision to STOP buying other people’s products and make them money, I finally began to make money myself.

This is probably one of the hardest things for any new internet marketer to overcome due to information overload. There are so many different techniques, platforms, methods, and strategies for making sales, and making money online. The list is literally endless. I have enough in my arsenal to literally turn around and make a fortune.

I’ve started by taking those same products I bought and becoming an affiliate for them. Since I have the product, I can do videos about them, reviews, and recommendations if warranted. I will not recommend anything I think is crap. And believe me, there is a lot of crap out there. Stuff people take from PLR products, switch it up and then turn around and sell as their own product. There is nothing wrong with that, but if not down correctly, it just becomes rehashed crap. I paid almost $300 for a traffic training product that turned out be a rehash of another product the seller sold 3 years ago! Plus the main product was a 1-hour plus webinar recording that was pure garbage. I was so mad, I requested a refund right away, but no reply. Emailed, sent him a Facebook message, nothing. I finally had to open up a PayPal dispute, and fortunately I did get my money refunded. But what a hassled! So be very careful with those impulsive buys, because that is exactly what they are!

If you are tempted to buy a new shiny product, do your research first. Look up the seller, find out about the products they’ve sold in the past. Are buyers happy with their past products? Do they have any good reviews? Are they responsive to questions about their products?

So the products I promote are proven, evergreen products that you cannot go wrong with, and will help you make an online income while pursuing your dreams. We all have dreams of financial security, ability to travel, funds for putting our children through college, etc. This is why I really love Covert Commissions. It’s a proven system that’s been around for a few years, and continues to make members money. They provide a WordPress website that we can customize ourselves, an autoresponder already loaded with emails, funnels, and products that continue to be added to our list. Once approved to market these products that really work, we continue to receive a commission as well as passive, recurring income from the membership fee, which is really low, by the way.

So stop chasing after those brand new shiny objects and stick with something that has already been a proven moneymaker for 4 years such as Covert Commissions. I love this product, it consistently has brought me more sales than anything else… oh, and the good thing? That is recurring income! Check out Covert Commissions and get set up to send traffic to and generate sales!

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