lauren eliza

Hi, I’m Lauren Eliza

For those of you new Internet Marketing, let me humbly introduce myself. 

My name is Lauren Eliza and I’ve been an enthusiastic entrepreneur nearly all of my adult life. I’m also very passionate about alternative health, plant-based diet, and natural remedies. I share my knowledge over at ShareHealthyInfo.

Many years ago in a faraway land, I managed to pull myself up out of bankruptcy and divorce, by starting a typing service for the local university. We’re talking before computers were even on the scene! I rented an electric typewriter, posted flyers all over the local university campus, and before I knew it, was soon so busy I had to upgrade my equipment. 

I went from the electric typewriter to a Smith-Corona word processor, to my first computer. An IBM clone with no harddrive. You shoved in a 5-1/4 floppy disk to save the file to, or to run spellcheck. This was a few years before the internet became the world wide web. 

So life throws a curve ball at some point… I re-married, and soon we moved to the Midwest, where once again, I started my own business. This time I offered web design and resume services, and suddenly I was very busy. 

Fast-forward a few years. I was employed by a software company for nearly 20 years where I managed several thousand SQL databases. As a result, I learned a lot about computers, software, marketing, and most importantly, communication and people. 

Every single day I am writing my blog, posting to Social Media, learning new tricks about internet marketing, researching new products, and developing my own products.  

But enough about me, let’s talk about YOU.

The purpose of my blog is to help any online newbie (a person brand new to digital marketing) and help them become a bad-ass elite entrepreneur in record time. 

I have a passion to learn, and a passion to help others get a leg up on the ‘internet marketing’ ladder.  Most of all, what I learn, I share with others to help you discover how to generate multiple passive income streams so that we all can fire our boss, put our kids through college, pay for that new car, travel to exotic locations, or kick back and just enjoy life for once. 

Your fellow freedom fighter…

Lauren Eliza